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Visualising Forbes Most Consistently Represented African Billionnaires

Forbes annual Billionnaire listing which is published yearly in March provides the occassional surprise of suddenly incredibly wealthy people and also and reminder that wealth is largly undistrubuted and pragmatically undistributable. The list has been published since 1987. Forbes began listing Africans in 2015 and Aliko Dangote had the distinction of leading the inaugural list. Elon Musk who has dual citizenship with South Africa and Nigeria is traditionally not included in the Forbes Africa Billionnaire list.

Our charts demonstrate the huge impact Elon Musk would make on the list moreso that his net worth is approximately 5 times more than the combined next five entrants on the list

Wealthiest by Share Value

Elon Musk pays himself a nominal salary, the bulk of his wealth is tied down with the stock performance of Tesla, the stock has outperformed the stock market with a 700% surge in 2020, bringing his net worth in excess of $180B.  Such is the prowess of the growth in the stock that it was gaining $8B daily in 2020. If the surge and trend repeats in 2021 there is a strong likelihood that Mr. Musk may officially become the first ever modern day trillionnaire. On achieving the feat of being the richest man on planet earth he tweeted “How strange,” and then “Well, back to work…”

Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote who is building the largest refinery in Africa with a daily oil production of 650,000b/d holds the second place position. Dangote is primed to continue to feature prominently in the list with 85% ownership of Dangote cement which operates in 10 African countries. He also owns the third largest sugar refinery in the world. All his companies are publicly listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange which form a quarter of the stock market value. The NSE  has experienced fluctuations in recent times and coupled with a market sensitive Naira Dangote’s wealth is projected to keep experiencing peaks and troughs

Most Stable Billionnaire

Nicky Oppenheimer inherited the bulk of his wealth from his father. He sold 40% of his stake for $5.1B in 2012 and has largely devoted himself to philanthropic ventures. In response to the Covid pandemic Nicky has donated $110M to South African businesses, this is one of the largest single donation globally. Over the course of 5 years his net worth has had the least fluctuation with an average worth of $7B. Based past trend his position and networth will relatively remain stable

Forbes Top 5+1 Riches Africans

wdt_ID Year Koos Bekker Johann Rupert Mike Adenuga Nicky Oppenheimer Aliko Dangote Elon Musk
1 2017 2,10 6,10 6,10 7,00 12,20 20,80
2 2018 2,60 7,00 5,30 7,70 14,10 19,60
3 2019 2,30 5,50 9,20 7,30 10,30 19,90
4 2020 2,00 4,60 5,60 7,40 8,30 68,00
5 2021 2,80 7,20 6,30 8,00 12,10 189,00
Year Koos Bekker Johann Rupert Mike Adenuga Nicky Oppenheimer Aliko Dangote Elon Musk

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