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Highest Paid CEOs in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa for 2019-2020

The highest paid CEO on the list earns more than the combined list of all the CEOs in Kenya. Such is the disparity that this one single executive also earns more than the combined list of Nigeria.

The list also highlights a stark contrast. Gender inequality in Sub saharan Africa is not immune to the exclusive office of the CEO. Only one woman makes the list; and is the lowest paid CEO on the list.

Diverging from traditional reviews which focus on individuals we have based our study rather on the companies brave enough to lay all their hopes and future profits on the CEO.

On average CEOs in South Africa are compensated significantly more than any other region.

Clearly competition is fierce across industries with FMCG & Banking accounting for 53% of the total

Approximate compensation in South Africa starts at over $3,000,000 and tops out $8,000,000. Nigeria is the next region with a minimum of $450,000 and a maximum of $1,500,000. Kenya has a ceiling of $1,000,000 with a minimum of $170,000

South Africa

Fast moving consumer goods Industry is the leading compensator for CEO talent. The top 3 talents combined account for over $15,000,000 in executive compensation.

South Africa also has a more diverse listing of industries in the top ten which probably is because their markets are relatively more mature.


With ambitious infrastructure plans, its no surprise that the Construction industry compensates handsomely. Banking also provides equaly lucrative remunerations

FMCG also is well represented with 55.3% of the top ten leaders working in the industry


British American Tobacco provides not only the highest compensation for their CEO in South Africa but also the lowest compensation for Kenya.

With the sole female entry on the list Kenya also has the least diversified top ten industries, electing to reward Banking and FMCG executives, with Banking as the top industry

Full List of Top Paid CEOs in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa


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