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The Best US Democratic Candidate for Africa

Countless countries have invested in numerous countries in Africa. China has invested in numerous countries in Africa. In doing this China builds construction projects for countries in Africa in return for loans that countries are given. In addition to this China has invested in countries in Africa by setting up factories there to produce products. Japan as well has followed similar plans to China in the form reconstruction plans and proposals to African nations. America has visited African countries in the past years to push the legalization of recently approved western policies. The new candidates for the president of America each have plans for African nations. The democratic candidates’ plans will be discussed.


Bernie Sanders  

Bernie Sanders is the leading Democratic party candidate in the run for president of the United States of America. Bernie Sanders proposes that birth control be implemented in African nations. With this plan the existing population can focus on increasing their literacy and education rates. The education rates will then rise and allow more citizens of those nations to find or create opportunities for themselves ( Once prosperity is then built, they can then reproduce. This plan is what Bernie Sanders finds necessary for many African nations as the birth rates are quite high. With the decrease of birth rates, education can then be focused on.


Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg

Another democratic part contender is Pete Buttigieg. Pete has a plan for black Americans but not one particular proposed for sub saharan Africa as of yet. The plan that Buttigieg has for African Americans is known as the “Douglass Plan”. This plan would allow more college funds, grants, and more insurance allocated to African Americans as well as women ( The plan would also feature debt forgiveness for college debt when a graduate employs three or more employees in their business made after completing a degree. This is a huge promise on Buttigieig’s part. If the promise is accomplished it will be historical for African Americans.

Elizabeth Warren 

With no announcement for plans with African Nations, Elizabeth Warren struggles with winning over the votes for African Americans. Elizabeth Warren is the third most popular Democratic party front runner for president of the United States. Elizabeth Warren has not announced any plans in particular for any African nations. Elizabeth Warren is struggling to grab the attention of Africans and African American voters. Elizabeth has been attacking current policies with education and schooling for African Americans ( In her speeches more opportunities for African Americans are promised, however her competitor Bernie Sanders has grabbed the majority of the African vote and he has plans for African Nations.


Bernie Sanders campaigning

Currently Bernie Sanders seems to be the most popular contender for the African American majority vote. In addition Bernie Sanders has a plan for sub saharan African Nations that has been openly announced and discussed. This particularly what sets Bernie Sanders apart from other Democratic contenders. Bernie seeks to advance with this plan and boost education rates in sib saharan Africa by introducing birth control methods such as delaying having a child until completing college education and securing work. If this is practiced by both partners this can dramatically reduce the over population rates and increase literacy rates throughout sub saharan Africa.

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