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Five Mamba Lessons from Kobe Bryant

The shocking  news of the death of superstar basketball player and five times NBA championship winner, ‘Kobe Bryant’ rippled across the internet. The 41 years old shooting guard, nicknamed “Black Mamba”, was named MVP of the NBA finals twice, winning the NBA championship five times and two Olympic gold medals. Bryant retired from the NBA in 2017 after a prolific career spanning two decades.

His death, a shock to everyone from fans to celebrities, politicians and occasional followers of basketball all over the world. Kobe Bryant believed in the power of hard work, sacrifice, and never giving up. Below are five key lessons we could learn from the great Black Mamba of basketball.

Koby Bryant
Koby Bryant

1. Having a Winning Mentality in Whatever You Do

One of the things that made Kobe who he was, was that he never compromised on anything and always developed a winner mindset. He also loved stirring his teammates to carrying the same mindset. This was evident from an experience one of his friend and fellow basketball great LeBron James, who knew Bryant as someone who detested laziness and mediocrity. Bryant always challenged LeBron and the other players to bring out the best in them.

Koby Bryant
Working Out

2. Be Hardworking Always

Kobe once mentioned hating lazy people. ‘I don’t understand lazy people.We don’t speak the same language.’ He said. Kobe was known to be ferocious when it came to work ethic. When it comes to training, Kobe would practice the same thing over and over till he got it right. He’d regularly work out in the middle of the night, train harder than anyone else, and do whatever it took to win. Any teammate found slacking always had a problem with Kobe as he always emphasized on being hardworking always.

Koby Bryant Olympics
Beijing Olympics

3. Huge Success Only Comes with Huge Sacrifice

The great basketball legend once said ‘If you want to be great at something, there’s a choice you have to make.’  Be willing to go all out in chasing your dreams but compromise nothing in your quest to be

the best. Making sacrifices like hanging out with friends, Family time, being a great son or whatever the case maybe. Once he was told by two all-time greats from other sports – the swimmer Michael Phelps and the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. ‘To become the greatest means making greater sacrifices than anyone else.’

4. Keep Learning and Keep Improving

Kobe saw life as an everyday lesson. While developing himself he made sure he learnt from his mistakes on the court and from matches he played and developed a watchful lens eye as a basketball player in his early days. ‘This perspective helped me develop myself as a professional player, makes me curious about everything and means life is a library where all I need to pay attention.’ He said. Kobe was known for always striving for improvement and seek advice from legends before him; Magic Mike, Tiger Woods and even the late Michael Jackson.

5. Don’t Lose Your Edge

Towards the end of his career, Kobe was as desperate to win as he was at the start. ‘I had a different drive,’ he said. Many people wanted him to relax and come down to earth because he was almost ending his career but he wouldn’t listen. He was known for always challenging himself because he believed to achieve what know one has achieved before, you have to do what no one has done before.

Koby Bryant Oscar
Oscar Award


Kobe Bean Bryant was a legend in his own way, he inspired millions of people with his passion of being a great basketball player. His tenacity, resourcefulness and zeal for the game of Basketball matches no other. He even personified his own alter ego and got the name ‘Black Mamba’. RIP  legend.

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