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The Breakout eLearning Platforms in Nigeria

The 21st century has witnessed innovations in Information Technology (IT) . We are migrating from the normal classroom settings to  dynamic immersive online platforms where learning takes place in comfort. It is noteworthy that majority of courses these days are now delivered online. These may include IT courses, management courses, business education and degree courses which can be on full or part time bases. Geographical constraint is no more a barrier to many courses nowadays.

Globally there are a number of e-platforms for eLearning Nigeria is not left out in this trend; a number of online learning platform exist in which the people of the country that take courses of their choice. Below are list of the top 5-eLearning platforms in Nigeria.



  • My Learning Academy (mAcademy): mAcademy is a mobile first online platform which offers courses and training materials on the go. mAcademy provides detailed courses connecting teachers and lectures at fingertip. The service is available even in remote villages across the country. mAcademy course offerings include JAMB, WAEC &NABTEB tracks as well as relevant training and management learnings.

national open university nigeria

  • National Open University of Nigeria (Noun): This is an online learning institution owned by the federal Government of Nigeria. It offers degree programme in diverse area of studies. This platform is recognized as the largest eLearning platform in Nigeria.


  • Tutor.ng: This nplatform connects teachers and learners in Nigeria and throughout the world. It offers range of courses in IT, business, management, etc. It equally help learners acquire basic skills like reading, writing spelling and more. Tutors can be university affiliates, professionals, and learners themselves. This platform is based on monthly subscription.

compass tutors

  • Compass tutor: This is an outstanding online platform that connects teachers and learners in diverse areas. It offers courses in professional exam preparation, home tutor as well as international entrance exams. It equally offers entrepreneurial and leadership courses. Onsite tutors can equally be booked from this platform if one needs an onsite tutoring on selected area of interest.

skills 4 success

  • Skill to Success (S2S): This is a professional eLearning platform that focuses on teaching employers skills need to scale in the work environment. It helps employees learn how to create business strategies and marketing plans to take the company to the next height. It is particularly good for those wanting to expand their knowledge base and gain more ground particularly in business management.

Other notable eLearning platforms one can get hold of in Nigeria includes:

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