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Refugee to Successful Entrepreneur; The Story of Myriam Taylor of Muxima

The Muxima Brand name is synonymous with textured hair in the whole of Europe. Made for naturally textured hair with all-natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, Muxima hair care products are the answer to many women of color’s wishes.

It started in June of 2016 after Myriam decided to stop using chemicals on her hair during her pregnancy. Having relaxed her natural hair all her life, Myriam never faced the problem of searching for hair care products. But upon making the switch, natural hair care products suitable for her textured hair were surprisingly challenging to find. Taylor realized just how many other women around the world would face the same issues should they choose to stop chemically straightening their hair. Myriam then decided to start her own natural hair products company.

In the Angolan language, Kimbundu, Muxima translates into “Heart.” Myriam is of Angolan descent; she was born in 1975 into a family of Angolan war refugees seeking asylum in Portugal. Because she was born in Portugal, however, she is a Portuguese citizen.

Growing up in Portugal as a minority, Myriam was faced with many challenges growing up, one of which was fitting in. Only in recent times is the natural texture of black women’s har a trendy way to wear their hair. Black women can now confidently wear their natural hair with full confidence.

At the forefront of this ideology is the Muxima range of products for textured hair. Muxima range of hair care products uses the finest bio ingredients and a unique formulation to nourish and style natural hair the way it is supposed to be styled. The inspiration comes from the heart, just as it is reflected in the name.

In addition to Muxima, Myriam also volunteers as a representative of the oppressed. She has been volunteering from her teenage years. Her background as a minority makes her conscious of the underrepresented voices in the world; she got motivated to get involved in the movement to change the narrative.

Myriam has worked with a lot of different people, including war orphans in Angola, as well as victims of domestic violence in Paris. She has also been involved in Marias, a famous project defending the rights of housemaids in brazil.

Myriam has always been connected to social and humanitarian causes, and this reflects even in the Muxima brand.e

Muxima was officially launched in December 2016 with five products available around the world in the online store. Muxima products can be used to energize, enhance, and treat naturally textured hair without changing the identity. Muxima is deservedly the first luxury award-winning brand for naturally textured hair. Muxima products are perfect for colored women that want to embrace their roots and their natural hair texture without compromising the health and texture of their hair. Textured hair can now be styled without any stereotypes, just as it is meant to be.

Although we have a long way to go when it comes to social justice, Myriam is fully committed to lending her voice until we can truly stamp out inequality.


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