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Rebecca Enonchong: The Voice of High-Tech Promotion in Africa

Also called “Queen of african technology,” Rebecca Enonchong, founder of AppsTech Group, dreams of “helping Africa to ride the wave of new technologies.”


Have you never heard of these women who make things happen and impact community development? Rebecca Enonchong is one of them. Born in Cameroon in 1967, the boss of AppsTech is best known for her work in promoting new technologies in Africa. Described as a heavyweight in the development of the sector on the continent, she says that “if a company is not in Africa and is on other continents, it is an international company and not global.”


Woman entrepreneur, Rebecca Enonchong accumulates prestigious awards. Ranked by Forbes as one of the 10 Tech Founder women to watch in Africa in 2014, she enters in 2017, according to the magazine New African, in the ranking of the 100 most influential Africans in science, technology and innovation ; while Jeune Afrique magazine ranks her in 2018 among the 50 most influential Africans. On July 20, 2019, she is honored by Face2face Africa, which recognizes and celebrates “the achievements of the icons, moguls and pioneers of the most influential pan-African region.”


Figure of new technologies sector of Africa, Rebecca Enonchong works for the digital transformation of small businesses on the continent. She is a founding member of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN), and heads the board of directors of AfriLabs, a pan-African network that brings together more than 80 innovation centers across the continent and aims to support poles where the successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow grow. She explains that the poles play a decisive role in Africa. “We are here to support those who have most difficulties and put them in relation with other poles possibly able to help them for free. We want to grow and involve new member countries to build a large family of innovation centers across the continent. ”


Considering french-speaking Africa, where the business climate is less favorable than on the rest of the continent, Rebecca believes that to connect the entire continent and accompany countries behind, we must “support and develop African technology and the entrepreneurial fabric”. In Cameroon, her homeland, she is active mainly through ActivSpaces, a non-profit association created in 2010 and registered in the country, whose goal is to help young technicians and technology entrepreneurs realize their innovative ideas. Rebecca says she’s not just interested in the elite. “Instead of attracting the cream of the crop, we want to reach out to those who do not even know that they have everything to be entrepreneurs … We want to bet on rural areas, where entrepreneurs have no help to transform their good ideas in a prosperous business”.


For her, SMEs must be supported in their digital transformation. “Many companies and administrations in Africa do not have social media accounts. They do not see the necessity. One of my struggles is to change that mindset”, she says, recognizing, however, that” there is no point in promoting technology entrepreneurship among young people if they do not have access to Internet or other essential infrastructure “.


Rebecca Enonchong participates in working groups initiated by the United Nations for women’s education and access to new technologies. Advisor for the program L’Afrique excelle, the accelerator of the World Bank – French version of XL Africa – the voice of the promotion of high-tech in Africa encourages the institution to support growth of African countries. The renowned business woman is mentioned as African web influencers. She shows a real commitment for tech development in Africa, helping to move daily the lines, through the help given to young African entrepreneurs in the realization of their projects.



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